Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Huffington Post buzzing about Sarah Palin

Thought I would post some interesting articles about Sarah Palin over at the Huffington Post:

"Did Sarah Palin wrongfully push to have her ex-brother-in law fired? Was she really against the "Bridge to Nowhere?" Did she really sell Alaska's plane on eBay, or just list it on eBay? Did she actually have any substantial duties commanding the Alaska National Guard?

The correct answer to all these questions is: who cares? Which isn't to say these aren't valid questions, or that Palin and the McCain camp aren't playing it fast, loose, and coy with each of them. The point is that Palin, and the circus she's brought to town, are simply a bountiful collection of small lies deliberately designed to distract the country from one big truth: the havoc that George Bush and the Republican Party have wrought, and that John McCain is committed to continuing.

Every second of this campaign not spent talking about the Republican Party's record, and John McCain's role in that record, is a victory for John McCain...." Read More:
Sarah Palin: A Trojan Moose Concealing Four More Years of George Bush

Some more Huffington Post articles:

McCain Camp Battles National Enquirer Over Alleged Palin Affair

Palin May Have Fired Aide Over Affair

Palin Repeats "Bridge To Nowhere" Falsehood Again Despite Intense Criticism

Palin Makes Her First Gaffe

This is extremely frightening - the bizarre beliefs of the "Third Wave". "Sarah Palin's churches are actively involved in a resurgent movement that was declared heretical by the Assemblies of God in 1949. This is the same 'Spiritual Warfare' movement that was featured in the award winning movie, "Jesus Camp," which showed young children being trained to do battle for the Lord. At least three of four of Palin's churches are involved with major organizations and leaders of this movement, which is referred to as The Third Wave of the Holy Spirit or the New Apostolic Reformation. The movement is training a young "Joel's Army" to take dominion over the United States and the world......The Third Wave is a revival of the theology of the Latter Rain tent revivals of the 1950s and 1960s led by William Branham and others. It is based on the idea that in the end times there will be an outpouring of supernatural powers on a group of Christians that will take authority over the existing church and the world. The believing Christians of the world will be reorganized under the Fivefold Ministry and the church restructured under the authority of Prophets and Apostles and others anointed by God. The young generation will form "Joel's Army" to rise up and battle evil and retake the earth for God."
Sarah Palin's Churches and The Third Wave: New Video Documentary

And, this from the Washington Post:

Palin Billed State for Nights Spent at Home
Taxpayers Also Funded Family's Travel

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